Active ingredients for fine cosmetics. 

CLR develops innovative and high-quality cosmetic actives for skin and hair care. Their cosmetic actives are supplied around the globe to cosmetic companies who value high quality ingredients, reliability, safety and expertise.


CLR demonstrates their outstanding research by providing complete documentation and extensive proof of the effectiveness of their products.

A complete ingredient range for Skincare!

EFP BIOTEK offers vegetable origin ingredients for skincare. This includes vegetable alternatives to silicones, petrolatums, … But also butters from a vary of ingredients, serums from avocado, cannabis or rice, vegetable oil waxes, etc.

Many of their products are COSMOS/ECOCERT approved and therefore perfectly suitable in our market that continuous to grow in terms of our awareness with nature, and the ecological handling of ingredients.

Your partner for high-quality surface active agents

With their home base in Belgium, EOC Surfactants is the supplier of amphoteric, nonionic and anionic surface active agents. 


Mild surface active agents from natural origin for use in liquid foaming and cleansing personal care formulations, opacifiers, pearlescents and a rheology modifier suitable for household, industrial and institutional cleaners.

Innovative high-efficiency liposomes

INdermal is the cosmetic brand of Nanovex Biotechnologies, a company specialized in drug delivery systems for medical applications.

INdermal offers products and services for cosmetic and cosmeceutical applications using drug delivery medical technology to obtain the highest efficiency.

Kaneka Surfactin

A natural (co-)surfactant with a high level of biodegradability and that is up to 3000x more effective than lecithin.

KANEKA Surfactin is an anionic cyclic lipopeptide produced by fermentation and is able to create D-phase. 10% of oil can be emulsified with only 0.1% of KANEKA Surfactin. 

It's 100% natural and COSMOS and ECOCERT certified

Welcome to the world of fragrances

Luzi fragrance compounds is a Swiss company, specialised in fragrance compositions for fine fragrances, personal care, home and air care.

With 90 years of experience, Luzi equals creativity, quality, knowledge and service. 

Finding the perfect fragrance compound that meets all the requirements and standards for your project is their goal.

Unique active ingredients and specialties

MMP inc. is an American company, based in New Jersey, that supplies unique natural and synthetic products. They offer a wide range of flavonoids, active polymers, oils and butters suitable for every skincare application. 


Brightening/darkening, slimming, age defying, sun care, stimulation/protection,... MMP inc. has it all.

Hygiëne, desinfection and conservation 

schülke is our specialist in product conservation, industrial hygiëne and specialty chemicals. They offer specific products and solutions for a wide range of applications.

With years of experiene, schülke is the number 1 choice for the preservation and protection of your products.

Cosmetics, wet wipes, detergents and cleaners, paint & coatings, … 

Sucrose esters emulsifiers

Sisterna sucrose esters are based on sucrose and vegetable fatty acids. They are a unique range of high quality, non-ionic emulsifiers with an exceptional performance and mildness to skin and eyes.

They can be used as emulsifier for oil-in-water (O/W) or lamellar liquid crystalline (LLC)  as well as water-in-oil (W/O). But also as a surfactant or lipidic phase modifier. The possibilities with Sisterna sucrose esters are countless.

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